National call for convergence for the day of mobilisation on Saturday 25 September 2021

National call for convergence for the day of mobilisation on Saturday 25 September 2021 (in the framework of the International Day of Peace and the UN International Day for the total elimination of nuclear weapons)
For the climate, as for peace: less lobbies, more democracy!
Saturday 25 September 2021, everywhere in France, let’s mobilise!

« Today, humanity is at a crossroads. Either we save our blue planet as it is, with all its living beings, or we are heading towards self-destruction. » 2016 International Appeal of the Hibakusha (survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki)

Planet in flames, international tensions, explosion of inequalities, health crisis, democratic setbacks: in the face of interrelated crises, let’s take action together! Several collectives gathering hundreds of organisations and groups have decided to unite their forces and their reflections in a common day of mobilisation on 25 September 2021. For peace and nuclear disarmament, for climate and social justice, for human rights and democracy, for human health and the health of living beings, everywhere in France, let’s mobilise together: assemblies, debates, concerts, marches, citizens’ picnics… Let’s converge! It is our lives and those of future generations that are at stake, let’s not let the short-term interests of a few take precedence.

While some preach hatred of foreigners or more insidiously invite over-armament: let us defend peace! War is never in itself a solution to political impasses and it is always the weakest who pay the price: look at Afghanistan. World military spending doubled from 2000 to 2020 to reach €1870 billion. Is the world safer as a result? Tuesday 21 September marks 20 years since the UN declared the International Day of Peace. Sunday 26 September is the UN’s International Day for the Abolition of All Nuclear Weapons.

While some would like to convince us not to change our profit-driven society, let us stand up for climate and social justice. The summer of 2021 has been marked by numerous climate disasters around the world (floods, fires, hurricanes …). The recent IPCC report has clearly established the responsibility of human action in global warming, which multiplies and aggravates these climatic catastrophes. In the last two years, with the crisis of the COVID19 , inequalities have again exploded: the wealth of billionaires, the profits of multinationals, the misery of the poor, the return of famine in the poorest countries. With the current trends: what future are we preparing for our children?

It is our lives, those of our children and those of all living beings on this earth that are at stake! Where have 20 years of reducing hospital capacity taken us? How long will we accept that the financial interests of a few large multinationals (e.g. patents on vaccines) prevent the implementation of global healthcare policies? For the health of all of us, we need international solidarity measures towards the poorest countries and populations who live in food, economic and social insecurity. The Marseille congress on biodiversity reminded us that we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction that threatens the very future of humanity. Let us say it: Our lives are worth more than their profits!

Peace, climate, social justice, health, on all these subjects, this government has favoured an authoritarian management at the service of a few: rearmament, global security law, climate law derisory with regard to the stakes and democratic proposals, pension reform project, unemployment, state of health emergency, defence council … and repression of all protests …

It is up to us to demonstrate the strength of cooperation for the satisfaction of social needs. On Saturday 25 September, let us mobilise together for our right to a future on this planet. For the climate, as for peace: less lobbies, more democracy!

Signatories as of 17 September 2021: Collectif national des marches pour la paix (see list of constituent organisations 190 organisations ; assos et collectifs climat : Unis Pour le climat et la biodiversité ; The Green Global Project ; Green lobby ; On est prêt ; Chrétiens Unis Pour la Terre ; Grévistes de la fin pour un avenir possible ; Parents pour le climat ; assos démocratie : Gilets Citoyens , Démocratie ouverte ; Collectif pour une convention pour le renouveau démocratique

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